LIMS - smart chair for smart venues

Audience Systems is delighted to introduce LIMS, our newset spectator seat.

Incredibly durable, LIMS looks fantastic when installed en masse - as you can see from this eye-catching project in Japan.

There's a timber version too, from curved plywood, which will look the part in any multipurpose facility.

LIMS tips quietly to an inviting three quarter tip position when vacated, keeping it simple for your audience to take their seat. However, there's no need to worry that this will restrict passing space along the rows. A standing spectator can push the seat back with their body, creating plenty of room for others to pass. 

Available with all the options a modern venue requires, including armrests, cupholders, and an upholstered version for your most special guests, LIMS is a fantastic new addition to the venue market. You can choose it for retractable platforms, balconies, fixed tiers, removable stalls, VIP boxes... in fact anywhere and everywhere in your venue!

To find out more, please visit the product pages for LIMS or LIMS Wood, where you can also download the datasheet. Or, to arrange to see LIMS for yourself, please contact us!