Three clever solutions for multipurpose floors


Whether you choose our Matrix System, K Roll or stacking chairs, we have a removable solution to suit your venue.


Matrix is an ideal removable seating system for theatre stalls and arena floors. It's also a quick way to create extra rows of seating anywhere in a multipurpose auditorium.

Lateral floorbars are laid out on the floor - there is no need for fixings. Groups of up to four chairs are then simply slotted into the floorbars. After use, the system can be quickly disassembled. Groups of chairs are stacked on trolleys or forkliftable stillages, as are the floorbars.

Matrix System at Swansea Arena


Matrix leaves no fixings or fixing points behind on the floor. Trip points are eliminated, assembly is fast and placement of the seating block is completely flexible. 

Space Efficient

The narrow front-to-back footprint of the chairs makes them more space efficient than other removable seating solutions such as stacking or banqueting chairs, increasing the potential capacity of your theatre.

Rigid Rows

Seats hold firmly in line with no moving or snaking

Safe Passage

With its tip-up seats, the matrix system has wide, safe walkways between rows.

Compact to Store

The tip up seats require a minimal space for storage.

Fast Cleaning

With a single leg per two or three chairs (compared to four legs per chair for a banqueting chair), the Matrix system significantly speeds up floor cleaning time compared to other removable seating systems.

An Integrated Solution

The system can be used alone or to complement our retractable or fixed seating - the chairs themselves come from exactly the same range.

Matrix Accessories

As well as a wide choice of chairs (see "compatible chairs" below), Matrix is available with various accessories including magnetic seat numbers, row letters, signage poles and a choice of trolleys, which can be custom made to fit your storage area. 


K Roll

K Roll is a removable spectator seating system where groups of chairs can simply be wheeled away. It’s suitable for schools, theatres, arenas and arts centres. Often it is used in venues where there is storage space available beneath the stage. 


Minimal Handling

No fastening required

Easy to manoeuvre and lay out

Wheels allow 360 degree movement of seat groups; a simple foot lever then brings the shell down over the foot and locks it, holding the chairs securely in place.

Space efficient

Feet nest together to minimise storage space

Easy to clean around

Low leg count - reducing cleaning time

K Roll is suitable for use with most of Audience Systems’ multipurpose chair range.


Stacking Chairs

If stacking chairs are more suitable for your venue, we have a range to choose from which will store away on trolleys or stillages. All feature linking mechanisms so that they can be laid out securely in rows, or laid out however you like for meetings, small events and seminars.

Please see our stacking chairs page for more details. 




Download our datasheets below...

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Audience Systems General Brochure
Matrix Datasheet
K Roll Datasheet
Recital Datasheet (Imperial)
Recital Stacking Chair Datasheet (Metric)
Recital Stacking Chair Datasheet (Imperial)
Venue 100 Stacking Chair Datasheet (Metric)
Venue 100 Stacking Chair Datasheet (Imperial)
Venue 128 Stacking Chair Datasheet (Metric)
Venue 128 Stacking Chair Datasheet (Imperial)

Compatible Chairs - Most chairs listed below are compatible with Matrix and K Roll. Campus Fold Down is for Matrix only.