Introducing E-Form

Audience Systems introduces our new chair for retractable platforms, E-Form.

E-Form differs from other chairs we offer for retractable platforms, in that each chair is individually mounted – a feature which some venue designers prefer. Before the retractable platforms are closed, each chair is folded down onto the platform via a simple foot pedal.

As you can see, E-Form also offers smart aesthetic design, and features a backrest curved for exceptional comfort. It's also space efficient, with every chair sharing an armrest with its neighbour.

E-Form was developed in Japan by the design team at our pioneering parent company, Kotobuki Seating. However, we will be manufacturing the chair in the UK. 

It's an exquisitely finished chair, and we'd love you to see it for yourself. Please contact us to arrange a an appointment to see it at our newly relocated showroom in Clerkenwell, London, which will be opening at the end of February 2024.