At Audience Systems, we aim to be a responsible member of our community to be a good employer to our staff, and to lead our industry in terms of environmental management. To that end, as well as meeting our statutory responsibilities, the key aims of our environmental policy are as follows: 

  • To continue to ensure that our products enjoy a typical lifecycle of over twenty years, that they are easy to service, and that parts can be replaced.
  • To actively seek to reduce our production of waste, our use of energy, and the size of our carbon footprint.
  • To manage and segregate our waste streams to minimise landfill. Wherever possible, we re-use waste and offcuts within our own production facility, or donate it to local charities for repurposing.
  • To undertake a rolling programme of upgrades to our production equipment to continuously improve our energy efficiency.
  • To ensure responsible sourcing, where our key suppliers have environmental safeguards in place relevant to their industry. To source locally wherever possible. To regularly review our materials to identify possible substitutions which would lower our environmental impact.
  • To reduce travel for all staff by using video conferencing wherever possible and introducing hybrid home and office working. To have hybrid or electric company vehicles where practical.
  • To train site staff in best environmental practice on site, including waste procedures, COSHH, safeguarding of people and wildlife, risk assessment and accident reporting.
  • To have a managed and balanced programme of measures in place, regularly reviewed to ensure continuous improvement in this area and overseen by our Director of Improvement.