Wigan and Leigh College

Greater Manchester, UK120 seats

It's hard to believe that a whole lecture theatre can be packed away in ten minutes, but that's exactly what our Campus Fold Down system allows our customers to do.

Here the system is installed at Wigan and Leigh's Centre for Advanced Technical Studies, located in a former mill near the town centre. The new facilities are primarily intended to promote excellence in the teaching of Health and Social Care, Digital Technologies and Engineering. 

The lecture theatre is made up of two banks of seating, separated by an operable wall which allows the space to be used as two smaller theatres if required. (This is how the space was configured when we took these photographs - hence only half the seating is shown here.) To pack the seats away, the operator simply has to fold the chairs complete with writing tablets down, insert simple handles and push the seats back to the wall. 

You can see how the lecture theatre fits within these first class educational building here: