Vara Black Box Theatre

Vara, Sweden539 seats

Audience Systems and our Swedish partner PSRIG were selected by developer PEAB to deliver and install retractable seating at this multipurpose black box theatre. 

The interior design of the space makes it perfect for intimate theatre experiences, concerts and even corporate dinners - with black the perfect backdrop for light sets of all kinds. With this need for flexibility, Audience Systems and PSRIG provided mobile retractable units which be completely removed from the space if needed. The retractable platforms can be quickly opened and closed using MasterMover power trucks, making it easy for crew to reconfigure the space. In addition, the platforms can be opened out to three different sizes - adding even more flexibility.

Espace 628CC chairs in a neutral but contemporary palette of colours make this a comfortable, as well as practical, space. 

PSRIG provided a turnkey package including not only the seating but also a new lifting system, an advanced control system, curtains and tracks, a large projection screen, black truss and measures for acoustic control. You can see some fantastic images of the venue in use here.