Swansea Arena

UK2034 seats

The “crowning jewel” in Swansea’s Copr Bay regeneration project, Swansea Arena is a flexible, multipurpose space hosting 200 events per year. Operated by Ambassador Theatre Group, the arena boasts a diverse programme, including concerts, comedy, stage theatre, e-sports and conferences.  

The seating arrangement is incredibly flexible. Fixed seats in the circle, retractable seats in the rear stalls, and removable “Matrix” seats in the front stalls can be used in various combinations to create auditoria of different sizes and configurations. The auditorium can also be divided front to back using a partition wall – so a conference can be held in the circle, whilst a workshop takes place on the arena floor.

Our video shows the seating in action. The power operated retractable system comes out in a single bank; the stalls chairs are brought in on large, practical trolleys. Eye catching fabrics tone with the colourful arena walls, making the space elegant – and unmistakable.

The installation was completed on a tight schedule ready for the opening show, and the seats will provide comfort, durability and flexibility for many years to come.


Photography and film by Adrian White Photography