Queen's University

Belfast390 seats

Queen's Management School at Queen's University Belfast is a world-renowned centre for research, undergraduate and postgraduate education. Working with Todd Architects and Felix O'Hare, Audience Systems designed, manufactured and installed seating for two rooms in the Management School's brand new building: a traditional lecture theatre and a "Harvard style" lecture theatre.

In both, Audience Systems installed a complete package of tiering and seats. The Mark Piggott Lecture theatre has front-facing Scholar seats with continuous writing tablets. The Harvard lecture theatre has smart Accolade chairs on swivelling bases, designed to foster group work and interaction. In both spaces, the tiering was complex, having to fit neatly around lighting, ventilation and power requirements for the students. 

The expansion is about much more than just teaching. The build also includes boardrooms, seminar rooms, and even a trading room. Learn more about the Management School's new facilities in this video: