Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

Widnes, Cheshire, UK83 seats

Our retractable bench seating systems are simple and easy to use. What a difference this system makes to this educational theatre at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Widnes, Cheshire.

Catalyst is a hands-ons science centre devoted to science and technology, with a special emphasis on chemistry. Together with the new laboratory, the theatre space helps to bring the educational experience to life. The informal feel of bench seating is perfect for this space - and it's flexible too.

The seating we provided can be quickly and easily opened out using a plug-in controller - the operator just has to press a button. The comfortable, contoured bench backrests can then be picked up, rails (not shown) slotted in and the system is ready to use. The benches are upholstered in Camira Xtreme "Parasol", giving the system a light, bright finish. When closed, the integrated fascias not only look smart, they keep out dust and enquiring hands! Smart drapes to the side finish the look. 

Lucinda Lewis, Catalyst’s Education Manager, said, "We love our retractable bench seating at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum. It allows us to change the layout of our theatre very quickly. We can utilise the full space and put up our inflatable planetarium in the morning and then change to full theatre layout and host one of our interactive science shows in the afternoon! We made the right choice working with Audience Systems - it's easy to use, looks great and works really well for us."