Bay Pavilions Arts Centre

Bateman's Bay, Australia351 seats

The Yuin Theatre at Bay Pavilions, Bateman’s Bay is named for the Yuin Nation, the custodians of the land. This beautiful theatre, which hosts concerts, family shows and comedy, is a multi-purpose venue that’s fully accessible and flexible, accommodating up to 350 people on the retractable seating. Bay Pavilions is also home to an art gallery, bar, studios and an impressive aquatic centre.

The building, which was shortlisted for a sustainability award, takes its design cues from the beautiful local landscape that the community feel such a connection to. On the retractable seating unit, this translated into maple wood accents on the seats, platforms and rails. The upholstery fabric also calls to mind the sands and seagrasses of the bay and the Clyde River estuary.

Bringing arts and leisure under one roof is designed to bring not only operational efficiencies, but also to enhance the feeling of Bay Pavilions as a place at the heart of the community. Flexibility and accessibility in the theatre will extend the space’s reach even further – there will be something for everyone, and all are invited in.

Specification Notes

Although there are 13 rows of seating in all, the retractable unit is designed with a special locking system which allows 3, 6 or 9 rows to be opened out. This allows operators to vary the auditorium size for different types of events. Importantly, smaller events do not need to feel “lost” in the auditorium.