Anthony Edgar

General Manager, Sales

- Since 2009 -

Anthony heards up our UK and overseas sales teams; he is the also Manager of our After Sales team and in charge of our upholstery subsidiary Audience Upholstery.

Anthony joined Audience Systems in 2009 as a CAD Engineer, with his only previous CAD experience being work experience here at the age of 14! He trained on the job, working with our sales team to design seating layouts for venues of all types, and eventually becoming Supervisor of our schemes team.  

In 2016, he joined our After Sales department, becoming overall Aftersales team manager in 2017, and moving to head our whole Sales operation in 2022. His understanding of our team, clients and products, together with a genuine fondness for spreadsheets, has stood him in good stead.  

“I enjoy the variation day to day in this job; we have to respond very quickly to our clients and so it’s never dull! I’m also fortunate to work with a dedicated, fun team of people."