Products to help your customers stay safe

Audience Systems has a range of products and services to help clients with managing venues in a professional and safe way during the COVID outbreak.

Seat designation and mothballing

If you’re not keen on your venue being a sea of peeling hazard tape, we have some more elegant and functional solutions for when you need to designate certain seats as out of use, or mothball an area for a while.

Vinyl Seat Covers

We can provide made-to-measure vinyl covers, which you can simply pull over your chairs. These will protect the chairs and ensure they stay clean and hygienic. Some clients are covering 50% of their seats for one performance, and 50% of their seats for the next, before carrying out a “fogging” of the whole venue. This system means the fogging only needs to be carried out every two performances.

Seat Sashes

If you don’t need a full cover, our sashes are an elegant solution. Simply wrap over the chair and fasten with Velcro. They are made to fit your chair, so no fiddling or slipping. They can also be printed with a message of your choice.

Fogging / misting products

We can also supply X-Mist fogging bombs. Simply activate the bomb and leave the room for one hour. The sanitizing 61% alcohol spray releases, killing 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria, both in the air and on surfaces.

Safety Screening

Our clever screening system allows you to provide unobtrusive barriers between households or bubbles within your seating area. Our small, free-standing screens are simple to move around to suit changing group sizes and layouts for each performance. They are also ideal for use in exam rooms. 

If you already have our Matrix seating on your flat floor (or are considering investing in this labour-saving flat floor seating), then the screens can simply be slotted into the existing sockets on your matrix floorbars, staying in place securely along with the rest of the seats.  

For more details of any of these products, contact our aftersales department on +44(0)1373 865050, or by email at