Don't Sit Still - Our New Video Series!

Audience Systems is delighted to launch "Don't Sit Still" - our new video series designed to give our customers some bite-sized information about retractable seating.

The joy and purpose of retractable seating lies in its ability to move. We love customers to come to our factory and showroom in WIltshire, UK, to see it in action - or visit one of our installations near them. But if that's not possible, our customers tell us that video is a brilliant tool to help them understand retractable seating is all about.

"Don't Sit Still" is a series of video snacks to help our customers understand some key aspects of the product. As well as an introductory video, the first three videos in the series are:

- How Quick is Retractable Seating? - a guide to how quickly you can transform your room with retractable seating, showing you the difference a few options might make.

- Let's Move - an overview of some of the methods our customers can use to move whole retractable seating systems in and out of their space

- Open Your Mind - a few little snippets of inspiration to get you thinking about how your retractable seating might look. Spoiler: it doesn't have to look industrial or boring!

You can find all these videos on our Videos page, or on our YouTube channel, where you'll find all sorts of other films of our retractable seating too!