3D Visualisations - Instantly

Audience Systems are excited to launch 3DV - a 3D modelling tool for retractable seating which produces instant budget prices and 3D visualisations. The tool can be used in face-to-face meetings, or remotely, to bring seating plans to life in real time as the specification process unfolds.

“It’s a powerful tool,” says UK Head of Sales James Harper. “It empowers the sales team to give customers pretty accurate budget prices on the spot, as helping clients actually see their seating at the very earliest project planning stage. We can even take photos of their venue and ‘place’ the seats in the room. It’s surprisingly agile too, with enough variables to be able to bring the vast majority of projects we work on to life in about five minutes.”

To obtain a price and visualisation for your project, call our sales team now on +44 1373 865050.