Shrewsbury School

Shropshire, UK198 seats

Audience Systems installed this smart, durable retractable seating system in the Maidment Building - Shrewsbury School’s beautiful music centre. As well as looking the part, the seating has several features that make it really practical and easy to use:

  • The rails to the side of the system simply fold down on to the platforms before the platforms are retracted
  • The seats fold down automatically as the platform closes.
  • The opening and closing of the platforms is power operated via a simple hand controller
  • The whole closed stack of platforms slides back automatically into a recess for unobtrusive storage

To the front of the system, extra removable seating can be added. This seating matches the Accolade chairs on the platforms and is mounted on our Matrix floorbar system, which allows the seating to be quickly and easily laid out in groups.

Adrian McCudden from Shrewsbury School Estates describes the experience of working with Audience Systems as “excellent”, with “the most competitive quote, excellent communication, and a very professional installation team.”