Royal Preston Hospital

Lancashire, UK132 seats

The lecture theatre seating was installed as part of a major remodelling of the Education Centre at the Royal Preston Hospital - a teaching hospital in Lancashire, UK. It was designed in conjunction with Frank Whittle Architects.

Here, a high quality finish sits alongside exceptional durability. The "Scholar" lecture theatre seating features a healthcare compliant fabric which, while soft and luxurious to the touch, is also anti-bacterial, easily cleaned, responsibly sourced and extremely resilient (rated at 250,000 Martindale rubs). The writing tablets are finished in extremely tough melamine. And the Scholar chairs' tipping mechanisms, featured in hundreds of Audience Systems' installations worldwide, are renowned for their reliability.

David Simmons from Frank Whittle Architects said, "The seating looks fantastic and been received very well by the staff. Thank you to Colin Traynor for his assistance and the install team that did a great job. I look forward to using Audience Systems again."