Bradfield College

Berkshire, UK156 seats

Set in the stunning countryside of Berkshire, UK, Bradfield College aims to equip young people with skills for life, with music valued as an all-encompassing learning experience.  

The refurbishment of the music hall brings the experience of a professional concert hall right to the heart of the school. As well as new seating, the refurbishment includes new windows, improved temperature control, acoustic baffles and significantly enhanced audio-visual equipment, including a video wall.  

Audience Systems worked with Lewandowski Architects to specify seating that would tone with the simple lines of the revitalised hall, as well as providing excellent comfort and sightlines. The Accolade chairs chosen are quietly durable, whilst sitting beautifully in the space.  

“When starting out on this project we went to several of the industry’s leading auditoria seating specialists. We found Audience Systems (Gavin Ward) to be head and shoulders above the competition. They were communicative, responsive, prompt, helpful with technical information and drawings and competitive on costings. They helped us to explore different seating layouts and configurations to ensure we got to the optimum capacity within the project without compromising on style and function. The range of styles, materials and fabrics was extensive.  

When it came to the installation, Audience Systems were on time and efficient with their installation. The main contractor commented that they were the best sub-contractor on the project and were incredibly impressed with their install team.  

Audience Systems would without doubt be the port of call for future projects.”  

Alex Chapman, Director, Lewandowski Architects