Nina Parmenter

Group Marketing & PR Manager

- Since 2002 -

Our marketing professional Nina joined us having worked in marketing for a major office furniture company, and also with marketing agency experience. With a degree in German and Business Studies, she is also holds a Professional Postgraduate Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Nina's role is varied, from managing the website to planning sponsorships and promotions, giving input to the R&D team, and assisting our overseas partners in promoting our products.

With far too many years' experience of writing about seats, how can the job stay interesting? "So much has changed since I joined the company," says Nina. "We've gone from faxback forms and printed directories to video and social media. The products keep on developing too, so there's always something new to talk about."

Outside of work Nina enjoys time with her family, but also likes to escape for a while to write fiction and sing in a local community choir.