Features and Benefits

  • Flexible

    A unique combination of bench and chair.

  • No manual handling

    A fully automatic version is available, where the backrests automatically fold forwards as the platforms close,and spring back into place when the platforms open again. This minimises manual handling for operatives and speeds turnaround times.

  • Comfortable

    The blow moulded backrest has just the right amount of flex for comfort, and offers excellent lumbar support.

  • Strong

    The seat and back are both of blow moulded construction, offering strength and a flawless finish.


Choice of Backrests

Choose from the Comfoback, which folds forwards and offers fully automatic seat set up, or the Standard Polaris Back, which folds backwards and can be specified with arms or cupholders. Please note: Standard Polaris back requires minimum 260mm row rise; Comfoback requires 300mm row rise.


The fully automatic version has backrests which fold forward over the seat as the retractable platforms close. Alternatively, a manual version is available, where the backrest is folded backwards by hand before the retractable platforms are closed. 


Optional armrests or cupholder armrests are available.

Choice of Colours

Available in a range of colours - the seat can contrast with the backrest if desired.


Telescopic Platform Row Rises (Standard Polaris Back)


Seat Widths (Centre to Centre) - No Arms

457, 483, 508, 533, 559, 584mm

Seat Widths (Centre to Centre) - With Arms

508, 533, 559, 584mm

Telescopic Platform Row Depths

800mm minimum

Telescopic Platform Row Rises (Comfoback)

300mm minimum

Audience Systems General Brochure
Polaris (Metric)