Winchester College

Winchester, UK351 seats

One of the oldest schools in England, Winchester College is home to dozens of listed buildings. “New Hall” however was actually constructed as recently as 1960, but incorporated panelling from the original college chapel.  

As part of a major project to restore and enhance the hall, the college, in conjunction with BHM Architects, decided to install a bank of power-operated retractable seating in order to increase the room’s functions.  

Carefully specified for durability, acoustic performance, and to visually blend with the space, the bank of seating features special perforated fascia panels with an oak finish, solid oak armrests and timber panels under the seats to match. On the chair backrests, muted plastic wraparound panels will extend the life of the upholstery.  

To the rear of the retractable unit, Audience Systems created a fixed tiered structure forming a balcony and furnished with seats to match those on the retractable unit.  

Nathan Beevers, associate at BHM Architects said, “The College spent a long time reviewing a number of products.  After which, it was concluded that Audience Systems offered the most comfortable seat. Practically, Audience Systems continue to offer an excellent service, with a helpful and accommodating installation team, and responsive aftercare.”


Photos courtesy of BHM Architects.