The Woodclyffe Hall

Wargrave, Berkshire, UK17 stages seats

This beautiful and unusual village hall dates from 1902 and plays host to four annual productions by the Wargrave Theatre Workshop, as well as accommodating ballet rehearsals and other community activities.

The theatre set up was proving troublesome - using banquet seating on a flat floor meant poor visibility for those in the rear rows. Some form of removable tiering was needed, but the hall was unsuitable for a large retractable seating system and storage space was limited.

Audience Systems set to work on a solution and together with Len and Ann Roberts from the theatre designed a system of demountable tiering using German manufacturer Trenomat's "Fix" stages, which Audience Systems distributes in the UK. Manufactured to a custom size to best fit the hall, the stages are extremely sturdy once assembled. The hall's own banqueting chairs can then simply be laid out on the stages, providing a truly flexible solution. With removable legs, the stages also store in a surprisingly small space.

“The stages are absolutely superb and they have transformed the hall. Audience Systems have been brilliant… nothing is too much trouble. I can’t really rate your company any higher.” Len Roberts, Committee Member, Wargrave Theatre Workshop