Sydney Dance Company

Sydney, Australia79 seats

Sydney Dance Company moved into its home in Wharf Bay in 1986. infused with the area's industrial past, this unique venue has seen hundreds of thousands of people learn to dance. 

A project to reconfigure and refurbish the studios began in 2018. This included the creation of Studio 5: The Neilson Studio - a multipurpose space designed for rehearsal, performance and education.

Our partners Maxwood Technology undertook a beautiful fitout of the space, with a high specification retractable seating system by Audience Systems and a Junckers sprung dance floor.

The seating offers visitors and students exceptional views with its special high row rise - but there's no compromise on comfort! Our Espace 628CC chairs have a high back, a pocket sprung seat, tactile timber armrests and a gorgeous textured fabric. 

The retractable platforms are motorised, opening at the touch of a button, and are finished to complement the space. Even the safety rails to the side are elegant, with their continuous sloped top drawing the eye into the performance space. 

Its a welcoming space, and a contemporary one - and we look forward to seeing it used by dancers, choreographers and audiences for many years to come!