Harbourfront Centre

Toronto, Canada450 seats


Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre is a busy venue, hosting a varied programme of activities throughout the year. Seating and staging solutions therefore need to offer comfort, flexibility and quick and easy set-up.

First Phase: Flexible Seating

Back in 2003, Audience Systems installed removable Espace 628 seating to sit atop tiered demountable stages. Conforming to the highest standards of durability, BS EN 12727:2000 Level 4, Espace 628 was designed for longevity under demanding conditions. The non-trip "matrix" floorbar system which supports the seats is designed for for swift, simple set up and cleaning.

Second Phase: Flexible Staging

More recently, Harbourfront Centre looked to Audience Systems to provide them with a replacement staging system.

Audience Systems supplies staging by German manufacturer Trenomat, known for their extremely high build quality and ability to customise their products for each customer. The solution devised for Harbourfront utilised Trenomat's Airstage. Designed for minimal manual handling and easy storage, Airstage is housed in a pit in the floor, with the surface flush to the normal floor level. When a stage or stepped rostrum is required all modules can fully raised to give a flat stage, or each module can be partially raised, to create steps or a tiered rostrum.

The ‘air assist’ system was particularly appealing to the theatre as only takes two people to create the stage. Each module can be raised in just thirty seconds using simple detachable handles. The operation is almost effortless, requiring just 25kg of force. 

Customer Reaction

With the stage system working smoothly, Production Manager, Brian Aitken is delighted with the result. He talks appreciatively of the benefits brought by reducing reconfiguration time and improved manual handling safety.