CityDance Center

Washington DC, USA125 seats


Audience Systems' telescopic seating was fitted in the CityDance Studio Theater - a truly multipurpose area intended to benefit both students and the wider community. The space is a professional grade dance studio by day and a state-of-the-art theater by night.

Ease of operation and great service were the key drivers in the center's decision to choose Audience Sytsems. Director of Operations, Letitia Hays said "We wanted a telescopic system that was very easy to operate. The studios are busy and multiple partners use the room. In order to create revenue streams and maintain our own schedule, we need a fast turnaround. On top of that we wanted high quality and user-friendly mechanisms.

"Ultimately we chose Audience Systems because they fulfilled those criteria, and also because the Sales Manager, Dave Richardson was so knowledgeable."


The Center chose a high specification finish for their seating. The Espace 628 chairs featured solid maple armrests and maple veneered timber panels to both the rear and front of the seats when closed. Matching this were maple veneered fascias to the telescopic platforms, giving an elegant finish to the closed platforms.


The layout of the room left no scope for maintenance access behind the seating but Audience Systems also specially engineered the platforms so the whole telescopic seating system would slide away from the wall for access. There were also challenges for the installation team; with the theater on the fourth floor with limited access, all materials had to be craned to the roof top.

Letitia Hays says she is very happy with the finished result. "The Audience Systems seating is so easy to use; I can set the telescopic system up on my own."