Australian Chamber Orchestra

Walsh Bay, Sydney203 seats

This beautiful auditorium forms part of the Australian Chamber Orchestra's first permanent home - and what a home. The space is in the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct, perched on stilts right on the Sydney harbourside. Altogether, Audience Systems are manufacturing seating for five auditoria within this major cultural destination. 

The elegant retractable seating is finished to a high standard throughout, from the timber details on the chairs themselves through to gorgeous custom flooring. In addition, clever swivelling chairs on the balcony allow the seats to face either into the room or towards the stage, depending on where the performance is taking place. 

The auditorium is designed for high acoustic performance, and the perforated seat panels are designed to complement the room's perforated wood panelling. Perfecting the interface between the seating and these unusual waveform panels was a new challenge!

This project was undertaken in conjunction with our Australian partners, Maxwood Technology, who kindly supplied the photographs.