Making the most of your space

Audience Systems enjoys an enviable reputation worldwide for the quality and reliability of its retractable seating systems. From a lofty arena to a cosy studio, we are proud to have engineered solutions for a vast range of requirements and budgets.


  • Unbeatable Durability

    We design and manufacture our retractable platforms in the UK with our eyes firmly on reliability and longevity. Indeed, many of our customers are still enjoying their retractable seating after 25 years. Our systems include unique features to prevent jamming and ensure that the tiers lock safely in place, every time

  • Verified strength and stability

    The integrity of our structure has been independently verified by renowned structural engineers Buro Happold and our TX systems carry the CE Mark, the European mark of safety.

  • We relish a challenge

    Every retractable system we install is custom designed around the venue's needs. Lecture theatres that disappear. Sumptuous auditorium chairs that fold away almost impossibly. Sports hall seating that retracts seamlessly into a wall. Retractable systems that wheel away, drive away, open half way...

  • Suits you

    A vast range of options and finishes means our seating can be beautiful enough for a performing arts centre or tough enough for a sports hall.

  • Peace of mind

    Our comprehensive after-sales service provides all the support you need throughout the lifetime of your seating. Our 14-strong servicing team offer annual servicing, spare parts and call-outs and they are also always available to answer any questions or concerns our customers have.

Making the most out of your space

Unit Types


Audience Systems' fixed retractable seating is ideal for installations where the unit will only ever need to be anchored into one position. Simple and easy to use, the unit can be opened at a moment's notice.


Our recessed system is designed to be neatly stowed in an alcove or under a balcony. It's ideal for creating a flush finish for a stored bleacher in a sports venue, or for integrating retractable auditorium seating with balcony seating above. When retracted, optional fascias provide a neat and tidy appearance and offer extra protection to the unit.


Our mobile Telescopic Platform System provides the perfect solution for venues where truly multipurpose seating is required. Once closed, hydraulic trucks or forklifts can be used to move the unit to its storage location. A series of units can be configured into alternative layouts allowing you to change the dynamics of your venue, depending on your audiences' requirements.


Once retracted, our travelling TX Telescopic Platform System can be driven forwards or backwards to its storage location. The system's simple automatic push button control makes moving the unit effortless, fast and efficient.

Double Row Depth

Double row depth

Our double row depth option is ideal where a low ceiling or balcony restricts the number of rows that can be accommodated. As the name suggests, each platform accommodates two rows of seating.

Retraction Options

Units can be retracted using integrated motors, controlled using a detachable push-button pendant. Alternatively, the tribunes can be retracted using a separately supplied "power truck". Smaller  can be pulled in and out manually using 2 pull handles.

Chair Fold-Down Options

Chairs can be set to fold down automatically as the platforms retract, or can be manually folded down in groups prior to retraction.



Fascia Panels


Fascia panels are available in a variety of attractive finishes including beech veneer and painted. When the system is retracted they provide a neat and tidy appearance and offer extra protection to the unit. When the tribune is open, the section spanning the aisle simply slides out to create a clear walkway.

Deck Options

Phenolic non-slip deck flooring - a popular material for use in sports venues and arenas, this material is easy to clean and durable.
Heavy duty carpet - available in a wide range of colours to complement the interior of your venue.

Removable Drapes and Panels


Our removable drapes and panels can be fitted to the front, rear and/or side of the system to hide its under structure and prevent unwanted access.

LED Aisle Illumination


Work off a low voltage power supply which makes them cost effective and easy to run. They have an optional battery backup which is activated in the case of power failure.




Our comprehensive range of rails has been designed to suit most requirements, however bespoke options are available on request. As standard, we offer timber, steel tube or perforated steel designs.

Our rails can be fixed to the telescopic system in a number of ways:

  • Removable rails - simply lift from the telescopic system and can be stored in a separate location
  • Folding rails - fold directly onto the system's aisle before retraction
  • Self storing rails - stay on the unit as it retracts, stacking effortlessly to the side of the platforms.

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Upholstered bench Sports Seat 4 on retractable unit with central aisle
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Auditorium chair Espace 628 on retractable unit with central aisle
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