Matrix System: Quick to assemble, easy to store and extremely space efficient

How does it work?

Matrix is an ideal removable seating system for theatre stalls and arena floors. It's also a quick way to create extra rows of seating anywhere in a multipurpose auditorium.

Lateral floorbars are laid out on the floor - there is no need for fixings. Groups of up to four chairs are then simply slotted into the floorbars. After use, the system can be quickly disassembled. Groups of chairs are stacked on trolleys or forkliftable stillages, as are the floorbars.

  • Fixing-Free

    Matrix leaves no fixings or fixing points behind on the floor. Trip points are eliminated, assembly is fast and placement of the seating block is completely flexible. 

  • Space efficient

    The narrow front-to-back footprint of the chairs makes them more space efficient than other removable seating solutions such as stacking or banqueting chairs, increasing the potential capacity of your theatre.

  • Rigid Rows

    Seats hold firmly in line with no moving or snaking

  • Safe Passage

    With its tip-up seats, the matrix system has wide, safe walkways between rows.

  • Compact to store

    The tip up seats require a minimal space for storage.

  • Fast Cleaning

    With a single leg per two or three chairs (compared to four legs per chair for a banqueting chair), the Matrix system significantly speeds up floor cleaning time compared to other removable seating systems.

  • An Integrated Solution

    The system can be used alone or to complement our retractable or fixed seating - the chairs themselves come from exactly the same range.


Signage Poles

Fit to the ends of rows to clearly denote rows or seating blocks in an arena or theatre.

Storage trolleys or stillages

For groups of chairs and/or for floorbars

Row Letter Plates


Download our datasheets below...

Audience Systems General Brochure
Matrix Datasheet
Venue 100 Stacking Chair Datasheet (Metric)
Venue 100 Stacking Chair Datasheet (Imperial)
Venue 128 Stacking Chair Datasheet (Metric)
Venue 128 Stacking Chair Datasheet (Imperial)