Keith Ritson

Managing Director

- Since 2004 -

Having gained a wealth of Director-level operational experience with Peter Black Holdings, ICI, BNP and Prosper De-Mulder, Keith joined Audience Systems in 2004 as Operations Director. In 2012 he was appointed Managing Director.  

The first job of Keith's day is often a conversation with our Japanese parent company, Kotobuki. After that, if he’s not jetting across the Channel to support our Paris-based sister company, Quinette, he can be found working closely with teams around Audience Systems. His support permeates Audience Systems from sales to installation and all elements in between.  With an understanding of each and every area of the business, he is able to maintain his drive for efficiency and improvement.

Keith’s favourite part of his role is product development. By meeting customers and working on innovative new projects, Keith finds new challenges in his job every day.  

When not at work, Keith’s passion is for the rural life.