Keith Ritson

Managing Director

- Since 2004 -

Having gained a wealth of Director-level operational experience with Peter Black Holdings, ICI, BNP and Prosper De-Mulder, Keith joined Audience Systems in 2004 as Operations Director. In 2012 he was appointed Managing Director.

Audience Systems benefits from a supportive relationship with our parent company Kotobuki Corporation, and Keith always makes sure to spend time liasing with both them and our sister companies in the USA and France. With his background in operations, Keith is also well-placed to drive a commitment to quality, customer service, outstanding value and continuous improvement through the business. He is also a director of our specialist subsidiary, Audience Upholstery.

He also enjoys getting involved in the R&D side of the business and seeing new products brought to market.

When not at work, Keith’s passion is for the rural life.