Optimise your space

Designed specifically with retractable platforms in mind, Optima is named after its ability to make the very best use of both space and materials.

  • Create an extra row

    Optima is mounted on the front of each platform, leaving space on the rear platform for an additional row of seating - great for maximising capacity and/or revenue.

  • Variable width

    Optima is available in a good range of widths to help our customers achieve the perfect balance between comfort and optimum use of space.

  • Outstanding value

    We've specially engineered Optima to make the very best use of materials, minimising wastage and maximising value for our customers.

  • Durable

    The Optima chair is designed to comply with the British and European Standard for ranked seating BS EN 12727:2000 at Level 3, giving outstanding durability for its price point.

  • Seat your entire venue

    If you need fixed chairs to complete your installation - for example for your balcony area - Optima is available in a complementary "tread fixed" model.


Seat identification

Seat letters and row numbers are available. Please note row letters will be located on the tread or riser of the plaform.

Seat Widths

Variable, 450-530mm

Row depths on TX platforms

800mm, 850mm, 900mm, 950mm, 1000mm

Row rises on TX platforms

260mm, 280mm


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