Bellerive Catholic College

Liverpool154 seats

The Brief

Bellerive Catholic College decided to build their new theatre as a multipurpose room, enabling the space to double as an exam room or as a classroom.

The Retractable Seating Solution

Audience Systems therefore designed and supplied a retractable seating system with enhanced Sports Seat 4 benches, a strong, durable and cost-effective model which also promotes a comfortable sitting posture. Benches are perfect for multipurpose theatre spaces, where capacity is variable but comfort is still required.

This manual system is very simple to fold away. First, the bench backrests are lifted out of their latches and folded down. To retract the seating platforms, levers are simply inserted into the front kickplate, allowing the rows to be unlocked and pushed back.

Customer Comment

“We knew what Audience Systems had achieved before. We were looking for a seating installation to which would help us gain space and create a multi-use environment, and Audience Systems made it possible. The benches are very comfortable – admirably good. In fact they are comfortable to sit on for over two hours.”
Bill Crease, Bellerive Catholic College